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About Ayomo


Have you had a dream lately?

They are funny little things, aren’t they? Dreams inspire you to take action; they dare you to take on challenges you could never fathom.

Ayomo started out as a simple dream for us. Juicing has always been a part of our lives, and we continue doing so because it feels good. Ayomo is our way of sharing easy and healthy living with you.

Ayomo Cold Pressed Juices is our flagship beverage range. Our juices are 100% raw, 100% natural, and 100% delicious.

We source our fresh ingredients from local farmers. Fruit to bottle. Nothing else, and nothing in between. It's the respect we give our produce and farmers.

Ayomo started out as a simple dream. Now, it is our way of living. And we’re passing Ayomo on to you.

Welcome to Ayomo.