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What is Binchotan?

Water filter, air purifier, bath infuser - AYOMO Binchotan is whatever you need it to be!

Binchotan is Japanese Oak that has undergone a carbonisation technique perfected in Japan during the Genroku era. 

After careful processing through a kiln of up to 1000°C and quickly cooled with ash, Binchotan contains over 90% carbon content and its minerals are activated. As a natural and aesthetic purifier, Binchotan can:

  • Purify and infuse drinking water
  • Infuse your bath with minerals and negative ions, promoting better health and relaxation
  • Clear the air of bacteria, allergens, pollen, odours, viruses and mould spores 
  • Break down into gardens to improve soil nutrition and plant growth
  • Have a positive whitening effect on your teeth

250g can effectively filter 2 litres of water and is reusable for up to two months. Please re-boil every 3 to 4 weeks to open up the pores and release what’s been absorbed.