Hitting the reset button

We've always compared a juice cleanse to a reset button.

Ever wanted to kick out unhealthy habits? Go through a juice cleanse to give yourself a fresh start. Had a bit of an upset stomach? A juice cleanse can help reset your digestive system.

We started out as two business partners finding our way in the health food world from a little store on Clarendon Street.

Ayomo is now all grown up. You can find our cold pressed juices in Doncaster and cafes in and around Melbourne. Pretty soon, you'll find us in Chadstone Shopping Centre. Our online store also means you can get your juices delivered to you anywhere in Melbourne.

The South Melbourne store is closed for a couple of weeks this winter. It is our own little reset button.

There are great things in store for us this year and we want to kickstart a new chapter of Ayomo with a reimagined store. 

We've missed you a lot, South Melbourne. Just hold on, we'll be back!


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