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The Juice Game

Posted on April 02 2015

"When life gives you lemons, make juice."

That seems to be Melbourne's mantra. This city's health food scene has always been booming. Whether it's through regular exercises, or getting involved in the next salad craze, it appears we can't thank our bodies enough.

Ayomo strives to be an advocate for healthy eating and living. We had to make our own juices.

Our morning toasts (or whatever Mother could whip up quickly) were always accompanied by a glass of juice. The initial flavours were always familiar - orange with a hint of mint, or apple and carrot. She started experimenting and each day was a fresh Mystery Box challenge. There were no recipes - just handfuls of whatever caught Mother's eye. 

Juicing brings me home. A place where sometimes, love was expressed not through words, but with a glass of orange juice on a hot summer's day.



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