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The Green Super Hero

Posted on April 13 2015

Have you smelt the air lately?

Stop now and breathe.

Pollution happens to every single one of us. The moment we step out of our house, we are allowing ourselves to be in the environment of toxins. There may just be an answer to cleaner, healthier, lungs!

A recent study done by Johns Hopkins - School of Public Health has revealed that broccoli can remove toxins in your body. A subject group that consumed broccoli had significant output of benzene and acrolein.

Benzene is found in vapours from products such as paint, detergent, glues, furniture wax. The air around service stations may also have benzene present. Exposing yourself to benzene is hazardous to your liver, kidney, lung, heart and brain. It's also notoriously known for causing bone marrow failure, among other illnesses.

As for Acrolein, this biocide and herbicide is an irritant for your nasal passages, skin and eyes. It's also present in cigarette smoke and and french fries (in very small amounts).

So how's broccoli saving the day?

Well, Glucoraphanin - found in broccoli, contains a compound that generates sulforaphane, which has antioxidant properties. Sulforaphane increases enzymes that enhances our body's ability to remove pollutants in our body. A more detailed examination suggested that sulforaphane in broccoli activates a molecule that increases the ability of cells to adapt to and survive the toxins.

Chucking in some broccoli in your next meal and let us know your favourite ways to serve broccoli.



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